Rockville, Maryland is my current home, though my early roots are in Pennsylvania. Ask me where home is and I’ll tell you about four places that are all within 200 miles of each other. Travelling, reading and communing broaden my perspective. The Internet extends my network.


I appreciate good writing and good design. Tools that combine writing and design to communicate well are well-worth learning. So, I dabble in web publishing for fun and out of necessity.


At times, I’ve been a teacher, writer and editor, researcher, mapmaker, educational technologist, information designer, web producer, coach, salesman, bicycle tour guide, waiter, stadium sweeper, lawn mower & snow shoveler, newspaper deliverer.  Here are a few things that I am now:


Teacher Geek


I currently conduct classes in a lab at a PreK-8 school, where my students use information technologies to research, document, write, design, photograph, process data, communicate, develop e-portfolios, and publish. In the process they learn how to better communicate, make decisions and take on leadership roles; they’ll use these skills in my 8th grade class, when they muster up their confidence and competence needed to publish a 64-page printed yearbook and an online journal.


Web Producer & Editor


JohnHartranft.com  is the center of my web universe.  Start here and you’ll find most everything else that I connect to, including an occasional posting on my blog ANOTHER PerspectiveActive

As the web administrator at a PreK-8 school, I coordinate the online presence for teachers, staff and students, including the main school website.  Check out the Cardinals’ Nest for samples of my students’ work.  I share work related media and information in my newsletter, the CES Tech Journal.



For fun, I coach volleyball at Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland and maintain a website and newsletter to share some of the team’s good work.


Did you know I was an NCAA Division 1 athlete?  I started a website and newsletter for Penn State Volleyball Alumni, where we post occasional stories and artifacts to serve as therapy for my glory days syndrome. 


For people who need to know such things, I maintain a portfolio of my volleyball related information .

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