Eighth Grade Submits Print Yearbook to Publisher

One of the most satisfying moments of the year for my eighth grade students is when they are finished with the yearbook. After months of planning, photographing, journalling, designing, collaborating, organizing, editing, problem-solving, etc., the yearbook is submitted to the yearbook publisher.

Here’s a photo of the eighth graders’ ceremonial “last click” to submit the yearbook to the publisher.

How Erin Sees It

One of my eighth grade students Erin H.’s photo “Exit” has been selected by Frank Goodyear (Assistant Curator of Photography at the National Portrait Gallery) for inclusion in VisArts‘ upcoming exhibition “How You See It.” Ninety-eight students from Maryland and DC submitted more than 160 photos, and Erin’s was one of only 20 that were chosen. Nice work, Erin!

“How You See It” is a juried exhibition of photography, including work by high-school and middle-school students in or around Washington.

Selected works will be printed and hung in the VisArts Portfolio Gallery from March 10 to May 23, 2009.

My students at CES learn photography and imaging skills as part of the school’s  Technology Program. In addition to photographing , journaling, and producing the school yearbook, my 8th grade students are also publishing an online journal of writings and images.

To learn more about VisArts, visit http://www.visartscenter.org/

Influential People

Today, my 8th graders posted several paragraphs to their Online Yearbook that describe people that have influenced their lives here at CES, or have been memorable in some way. Thought you might be interested in reading what they have written… see http://cesyearbook.blogspot.com/

Oh, by the way…they weren’t allowed to use the words “I” or “me” when writing their paragraphs, nor were they allowed to name the person.

CES Yearbook: Visit the Online Journal

I hope you have the opportunity to visit regularly the my students’ online yearbook. My 8th grade class is publishing this online journal as part of their year-long project to document school activities and publish content using various media, including a 64 page print yearbook.  On the online yearbook, you’ll find items that won’t necessarily make it into the print version of the yearbook. The students have posted slide shows, writings and news items with photos to capture some of the happening around school.

The capstone for the my technology program at the school is the school yearbook. Eighth graders apply a variety of creative,and technical skills to chronicle and publish the print and web versions of the school yearbook: journaling, writing, theme development, research, photography, imaging, graphic design, web design/development, and information management. The students learn “real world” business skills, such as collaboration, project management, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity/design, quality control, and integrity.

Students in grade 4 through 7 progress toward achieving the competence and confidence necessary to complet a project at the level of responsibility, complexity, and resiliency that publishing a yearbook demands. Students construct their understanding of technology concepts, and learn how to apply their knowledge and skills in a project-base learning environment that Mr. H’s middle school computer classes offer.

Election Day 2008

My students in grades 4 through 8 lined up outside the Jefferson Building computer classroom to vote for President and 3 ballot referendums today. Outside, students politicked while inside, 8th graders served as election workers and poll watchers.

For those of you following the techie side of things, we used SurveyGizmo to create the ballot, which we embedded onto our Cardinals’ Nest Wiki space. We were able to compile results in real time using SurveyGizmos’ reporting tools. Mr. Hartranft is happy to report no computer glitches (whew!).

Thanks to Mrs. Harkins for coordinating this important civics lesson!